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Project title: pay cube : banking has a new shape

Creative genius: businessman, 15

The Pay Cube is the latest addition to the already successful line of Barclaycard Contact less banking methods. The Pay Cube is undoubtedly the most secure contact less payment method, as the system is encrypted so it is completely personal to you. It is a revolution to banking, harnessing the latest technology into a secure shape that will appeal especially to those that are interested in new gadgets. The 6-sided Pay Cube uses Augmented Reality sectors, that when scanned with the compatible Cube Readers in the correct order will allow the customer full access to their bank account, to withdraw money, check bank accounts, and even top-up mobile phones. As the sides have augmented reality, the number of possible Cube combinations is endless. (Removing the risk of identity fraud.) As long as you scan your Pay Cube in the correct order, the system will work, the side of the Cube does not have to be at a specific angle to be scanned and recognised. The system is quick and efficient, there will hopefully not be people standing for minutes waiting for it to work. It may seem daunting learning a 6 sided combination, but the cube is helpfully colour coded to help remember better. The colours may remove the instant recognition that this is a Barclaycard product, but at least one colour on the cube will be associated with Barclays, and there will be a logo on each side.

pay cube : banking has a new shapepay cube : banking has a new shapepay cube : banking has a new shapepay cube : banking has a new shape

DEADLINE: 28th Mar 2013

PRIZE: Please note the deadline for this brief has passed. Please still upload your work to the gallery as the brand will still be able to view your ideas.