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Project title: Dreamers

Creative genius: LivSophEm, 14

In our advert we will use Rizzle Kicks, Zoella and Jacksgap. It will be called the 'dreamers' campaign, because it shows that BT internet can help people to achieve their dreams through things such as YouTube. Rizzle Kicks, Zoella and Jacksgap are of people who have used internet to become famous and make a career for themselves. In around a minute, our advert will tell the story of how it all happened to them and how it would not have been possible without the use of BT Internet. We have made a rough copy of one of our adverts which would be featuring Rizzle Kicks, however if we were to make the real advert it would be much more detailed and we would like to include voiceovers and real video footage of each of our celebrities. We would also have the 'Zoella' and 'Jacksgap' adverts to go along with it. Our Rough Advert:


DEADLINE: 29th Mar 2013

PRIZE: Please Note the deadline for this brief has passed. Please still upload your work to the gallery as the brand will still be able to view your ideas.