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Project title: Bt advert

Creative genius: Coombob, 14

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Introduction: Good afternoon and welcome, we are called Team Infinity and today we are going to present our advertising campaign which we call ‘Live fast, Browse faster’. We are a group that aims to inform people about the importance of the internet and about BT Infinity Fibre Optic Broadband. The internet is used so widely in the modern society from our big powerful desktop PCs right to the small mobile phones which 10 years ago would have been almost impossible to comprehend. We still however, face the problem of slow broadband connection in many homes across Britain. The solution to this is of course fibre optic broadband. Target Audience: As teenagers we spend so much time online playing games, talking to friends and pause doing homework. The problem is we haven’t specifically been targeted enough for there to be any real effect on our view on superfast internet connection. What we aim to do is bring the focus back to the teens and young adults through a series of animated television ads which we believe will appeal to the younger generation very well. Nowadays we find that teenagers are always busy doing something whether it is going to school, staying out with friends or getting on with any other hobbies they may have. Leaving not as much time to be waiting for long download and upload times, or for videos to buffer and much more. So we want to show that with superfast fibre optic broadband it is possible for your internet connection speed to keep up with your life and even exceed it, hence the campaign name: ‘Live Fast, Browse Faster.’ How our adverts and content links to this: Our advertising materials such as a television ad, posters and even public events closely relate to our target audience. Let’s start off with the posters, these are the characters you will soon see in our video advert and we believe that each one represents a type of teenager. We have the quieter and more collected character here, the much louder and more outgoing character here with the slightly crazy prankster edging in right here. We think that these characters sum up adolescence perfectly. We also plan to hold a public event where bands will play, food and drink will be available along with fun games and of course it will all be sponsored by BT Broadband. Live streams of music will be available to show how powerful Fibre Optic Broadband really is. If we can get everything organized then it will be a great experience for many teenagers around London and possibly other places in the UK if this goes well. This is for the more outgoing teens, we also want to think about the quieter teens that would rather remain indoors. For them are trying to plan a huge scale online gaming competition which will include their favourite competitive games from, Need for Speed to Street Fighter to Call of Duty (if we can contact each company including Microsoft of course). The semi final and finals of each gaming competition will be held within a studio and online connection will be courtesy of BT Fibre Optic Broadband. We believe these events will perfectly link in with what we are all about and showcase the power of fibre optic broadband really well. Now it’s time for us to show you the television advert we’ve been going on about. [Show Advert] Other Campaign Materials As well as TV ads like the one you just saw and posters we also plan to make badges and key chains which will be given at the music and gaming events to further promote BT Fibre Optic Broadband. To conclude this presentation we just wanted to tell you that we believe this type of advertising campaign is exactly what is needed to get teens as interested in fibre optic broadband as we are. We hoped you enjoyed our short presentation and we thank you for listening.

Bt advertBt advertBt advertBt advert

DEADLINE: 29th Mar 2013

PRIZE: Please Note the deadline for this brief has passed. Please still upload your work to the gallery as the brand will still be able to view your ideas.