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Project title: Rebuilding Trust for Lloyds TSB

Creative genius: @Jwtt , 17

My project is about Lloyds TSB and how ithink it will gain Trust back from its customers and the people. After the banking crisis, a lot of banks were hit hard with bad press and leathal debts. One of these banks includes Lloyds TSB, however the only difference here is that I believe I have the soulution.The Brief asked us to come up with an idea that will help Lloyds rebuild its trust. I believe i have achieved this. my idea was to target families and children. I wanted to gain trust from the families that you could trust Lloyds like you trust your family, which intern I hope will significantly expand the customer numbers and regain trust. I came up with the idea through brainstorming all the people who I trust. I found out and came to the conclusion that family and friends was a key part in everyone's life that required Trust. Therefore for i decided to stick with Family. To conclude I think my idea will definitly achieve the outcome of the brief. I hope you like it.

Rebuilding Trust for Lloyds TSBRebuilding Trust for Lloyds TSBRebuilding Trust for Lloyds TSBRebuilding Trust for Lloyds TSB

DEADLINE: 27th Jun 2013

PRIZE: Please note the deadline for this brief has passed. Please still upload your work to the gallery as the brand will still be able to view your ideas.