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Project title: Rebuild Trust In Lloyds TSB

Creative genius: BreenieBop, 18

As soon as we received the Brief we set out to write up a mind map full of all the ideas we could come up with. A good mixture of ideas targeting people from all age groups. But the one we went with was the most simplest one. One that can target Everyone. --OUR IDEA-- Let's face It. We've all had that moment where we just couldn't seem to find our debit card. Well all of your troubles with finding It can now be at rest, now that our new Card Tracker App has been created! Our Idea Is to target young adults that have had experience In losing there debit card. This Idea may seem simple and basic but it's an idea that can target towards Everyone seeing as everyone goes through this sort of problem. It's something everyone can relate to. We haven't yet fully completed the final outcome but the main purpose Is to show off our new Lloyds TSB card tracker APP available for all android phones. Baring In mind this Idea of ours has been produced into a Drawn Animation which takes quite some time however It's an effective way to get our point across to our target audience. Originally we were going to make our Idea into a Pixelation Animation but we figured why not do a Drawn Animation instead? After all It's different, creative yet effective at the exact same time. People will begin to appreciate It more because they will take into consideration of how much time It must have taken to make a Drawn Animation. We've managed to include two voice overs between a girl and a boy which Is in time with the mouth movements on the drawings. We've tried to make It sound funny and appealing to youngsters and hope that adults will also enjoy It to. We've attached the link to our advertisement. Please watch and Thank you!

Rebuild Trust In Lloyds TSBRebuild Trust In Lloyds TSBRebuild Trust In Lloyds TSBRebuild Trust In Lloyds TSB

DEADLINE: 27th Jun 2013

PRIZE: Please note the deadline for this brief has passed. Please still upload your work to the gallery as the brand will still be able to view your ideas.