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Project title: LifeSkills Case Study Advertisement

Creative genius: frederickfaulkner40, 19

FINISHED PRODUCTION HERE - My Original Idea was to have a typical teenager sitting at home playing games, and then his parents walk in and argue why he's unemployed. The parents make him watch a video about the LifeSkills course, which makes him stop playing games and get out into the working world. After pitching this idea to lecturers, I realised that this idea was going to be difficult to create as a production... But then I found out that the College actually does the LifeSkills course, or be it with a few tweaks. This made me come up with the idea of creating a Case Study featuring some of the students studying the course. I asked them to be interviewed in front of a green screen, and to film them in action in a classroom; they were more than happy to oblige.

LifeSkills Case Study AdvertisementLifeSkills Case Study AdvertisementLifeSkills Case Study AdvertisementLifeSkills Case Study Advertisement

DEADLINE: 9th Feb 2014

PRIZE: Please note the deadline for this brief has passed. Please still upload your work to the gallery as the brand will still be able to view your ideas.