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Project title: Pirates of Coutts

Creative genius: Pirates, 13

When considering the brief of attracting young entrepreneurs to Coutts bank we started to think what type of campaigns may appeal to young people. We thought that even though these young entrepreneurs were wealthy, they would still like and enjoy much of the same activities, hobbies, music and films as most other young people in their age bracket. We decided to promote Coutts to a younger generation by creating a television and social media advert/clip linked to recognisable iconic films which young people would instantly relate to. We wanted to make our advert entertaining and exciting which would appeal to young people and revitalise Coutts image. After discussing a range of action and adventure films we settled on 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' as our first movie franchise to link to our first advertisement to, as this is very well known and well liked among our target audience. The key elements of Coutts we are representing in our advert are..... 1. Coutts is the best place to manage large sums of money. 2. The lengths people will go to save their money at an exclusive bank like Coutts. Our strap line "Worth the effort, safe for another 1000 years. Aaarrggh" encompasses our concept and links directly to our advert content, key points of Coutts we wished to promote and film franchise. We think our series of adverts linked to films would create a strong recognisable campaign which in time people would instantly come to relate to Coutts bank.

Pirates of CouttsPirates of CouttsPirates of CouttsPirates of Coutts

DEADLINE: 15th Feb 2014

PRIZE: Please note the deadline for this brief has passed. Please still upload your work to the gallery as the brand will still be able to view your ideas.