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Project title: Appreciate

Creative genius: The Suffragettes , 20

Our objective for this brief was to create a campaign that would reach out to a range of people in a informative way that would also make them think. We based our campaign all around the word ‘appreciate’ as we want people to appreciate what we have today in comparison with what they had in WW1 and what they sacrificed for us. We have teamed up with Costa to create a incentive for people to buy The Sun newspaper. They would get a coupon for a free drink once a week- for a month. This shows The Sun consumers they are appreciated loyal readers, and will encourage new customers to Costa. We have comprised a poster series to illustrate examples of what the modern generation should appreciate. In turn the cup products at Costa will have bite size facts on WW1, to quickly educate the busy lifestyle of the audience. We will encourage social media use with '#appreciate' and the phenomenon of '#selfie', by featuring the Costa Cup.


DEADLINE: 28th Mar 2014

PRIZE: Please note the deadline for this brief has passed. Please still upload your work to the gallery as the brand will still be able to view your ideas.

The Sun