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Project title: TalkTalk to each other!

Creative genius: emmagination, 20

When I first read the brief, I decided to focus on one key benefit of using TalkTalk Mobile for each idea. For this idea, I chose the excellent network coverage that TalkTalk customers receive. As the aim of the brief is to advertise TalkTalk mobile to young people, I thought of what young people do everyday. I thought of school/university, shopping, bars, nightclubs etc. My idea is to construct several transparent, cubic boxes that fit about 9 people in them and place them in locations where young people go like in busy shopping streets, nightclubs, bars and university campus’. These boxes would be sound-proof to allow friends to enter and have a conversation together in peace without the background noise which highlights the excellent coverage of the network and the fact that calls to each other are free. It also plays on the idea that older people talk about how young people cannot communicate with each other anymore - this is to prove that we do. There would be benches or beanbags in the booths and written on the outside of them would be’ “TalkTalk to each other!”

TalkTalk to each other!TalkTalk to each other!TalkTalk to each other!TalkTalk to each other!

DEADLINE: 29th May 2015

PRIZE: WINNER: £100 worth of Highstreet Vouchers, a place on THE LADDER, an exclusive group that gives you access to exclusive creative career opportunities and a place on a day-long creative careers progression course, PLUS brand feedback. HIGHLY COMMENDED: A place on THE LADDER