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Project title: Mahindra X Avis. We are one

Creative genius: MsMagoriumsMarketingMagic, 15

I came up with this idea because when taking in the brief, a feeling of togetherness, a new bond, both for lover of cars and the two institutions partnering, came about. I thought I could recreate the partnership process/ show visually, the forming and starting of this 4 year bond , to the viewers, at the same time making it about cars too. Overall I think this is a great advertisement as it is stylistically simple. Such subjects don’t need to be over exaggerated and complicated, in fact simple demonstrations, resonate and are remembered by the audience. Whether the promotion fails, or succeeds, the promotion could also be used as another source of advertisement instead, making e.g. a billboard advert of the beginning or end shot, whichever stands out most to give the same message.

Mahindra X Avis. We are oneMahindra X Avis. We are oneMahindra X Avis. We are oneMahindra X Avis. We are one

DEADLINE: 26th Nov 2015

PRIZE: WINNER: £100 worth of Highstreet Vouchers, a place on THE LADDER, an exclusive group that gives you access to exclusive creative career opportunities and a place on a day-long creative careers progression course, PLUS brand feedback. HIGHLY COMMENDED: A place on THE LADDER