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Project title: Same Angle, Different Perspective

Creative genius: Manchester College, 18

Inspired by the idea of equality and in particular relating that to ethnicity, students from Manchester College created a campaign that would influence people's behavior and change people's mindset so that ethnicity is no longer an issue by changing perspectives so that people can see things from the point of view of others.

To achieve this, they have employed techniques of anamorphic and 'trompe l'oeile art to get people to look at everyday things and places from a different angle to gain a different perspective.

To support this campaign, a series of products have been designed featuring a series of diverse people doing the same thing- taking a photograph. This will be the iconic image behind the campaign.

Same Angle, Different PerspectiveSame Angle, Different PerspectiveSame Angle, Different PerspectiveSame Angle, Different Perspective

DEADLINE: 26th Jun 2015

PRIZE: WINNER: TOP PRIZE to be confirmed AND a place on THE LADDER, an exclusive group that gives you access to exclusive creative career opportunities. HIGHLY COMMENDED - a place on THE LADDER