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Project title: Drem it, Do it, B&Q it

Creative genius: Lighthouse, 18

The concept of our campaign is a series of adverts set out like a soap opera. We can follow the members of the family throughout their lives and drag it out for as long as we want. A campaign was done similar to this in the early 90’s by Nescafe gold blend and was seen to be memorable and popular, earning lots of media attention. The ads had a notable effect on sales, increasing them over 50% in the UK alone. We are hoping that like the Nescafe advert, ours too will be memorable and popular. To make sure that people watch the next advert we can create a hype about for example we could create billboards with “Will they. Won’t they?” and the B&Q logo on it. People will then see the billboard and tune in to watch the advert to find out what is going on.

Drem it, Do it, B&Q itDrem it, Do it, B&Q itDrem it, Do it, B&Q itDrem it, Do it, B&Q it

DEADLINE: 25th Nov 2015

PRIZE: WINNER: £100 worth of Highstreet Vouchers, a place on THE LADDER, an exclusive group that gives you access to exclusive creative career opportunities and a place on a day-long creative careers progression course, PLUS brand feedback. HIGHLY COMMENDED: A place on THE LADDER