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Project title: Expereince it only at #ODEON

Creative genius: Tany101, 14

I have researched the competitors of Odeon which are : Cineworld, Empire Cinemas,Vue. After looking at the reviews of these i have found that the majority of it were negative reviews stating that it was the 'worst cinema experience ever'. Therefore I have chosen the stage where the customer will be actually sitting the film and make that the best because it's the main part. If everything else is good but the experience during the film (not the film itself) is rubbish then people simply wouldn't go. Hence why the other cinemas have a lot of bad reviews. A brief summary of my ideas + improvements: -The seating will be in the shape of cars to replicate car theater -The room will look like you are actually outside (for example the ceiling would look like stars).The reason why it's not actually outside is because 1.Britain has really bad weather so people would be cold. 2.Teenagers don't have a car. -A cheaper alternative would be comfy reclining chairs -Greeted by an actor of that film (video) introducing the film. -Variety of flavours. But.But keep the competing products cheaper t than outside stores. -Be on social media and interact with your target audience, also have an unskippable YouTube ad.

Expereince it only at #ODEONExpereince it only at #ODEONExpereince it only at #ODEONExpereince it only at #ODEON

DEADLINE: 7th Mar 2016

PRIZE: WINNER: £100 worth of Highstreet Vouchers, a place on THE LADDER, an exclusive group that gives you access to exclusive creative career opportunities and a place on a day-long creative careers progression course, PLUS brand feedback. HIGHLY COMMENDED: A place on THE LADDER