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Project title: Big Ideas

Creative genius: Atrimental, 15

We chose to base our campaign on the 'big' aspect of the brief, and so we created several posters with this idea as a central theme. Each poster has a different twist on this idea, with a unique message. We used simple, recognisable imagery in black and white contrasted with gradients of colour in order to catch the viewers' attention, and used bold headlines to convey key points. The purpose of these posters is to create widespread awareness of the event, as they can easily be distributed across a wide area. We also put together several mock ups of hypothetical social media accounts, which would give the event a significant online presence, and would increase the number of people exposed to the campaign. In addition, we also came up with several ideas for merchandise and prizes that could be used to create a sense of excitement for the event itself.

Big IdeasBig IdeasBig IdeasBig Ideas

DEADLINE: 7th Nov 2016

PRIZE: The best teams will be invited to the BBC offices in London to pitch face-to-face to a panel of judges from BBC and The Ideas Foundation. The shortlisted applicants will be invited to join The Ladder, which is our progression scheme for young people who want to have or are considering a creative career.