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Project title: Follow the DJ

Creative genius: Marco's Polo's, 19

Our campaign for Radio 1’s Big Weekend hits the brief for “where summer begins.” Our television/ internet advertisement is the idea of a bored office worker who is waiting for the Radio 1 Big Weekend to begin. We chose this idea as it will cover a large proportion of the demographic however the principal of the idea would translate to other places such as a college or school. This way we can try and cover the entire demographic. We used the same bright colours throughout the campaign which emphasise aiming towards the summer. We have used these colours as well to create a more consistent look across the campaign. Our social media campaign will also hit the brief as people can be interactive by sending in their own photos and videos of where their own summer begins.

Follow the DJFollow the DJFollow the DJFollow the DJ

DEADLINE: 7th Nov 2016

PRIZE: The best teams will be invited to the BBC offices in London to pitch face-to-face to a panel of judges from BBC and The Ideas Foundation. The shortlisted applicants will be invited to join The Ladder, which is our progression scheme for young people who want to have or are considering a creative career.