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Project title: Hitting the bull's eye - Tarek

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Hello. I am Tarek – let my work introduce me! I have read the brief of Tango. All you need is a very strong idea and then extend that to different media – print, online, social etc. I work with this principle of generating very strong concept that covers all the meaningful aspects of the brief. To my point of view, the bulls eye is – to remind the consumers at the moment of truth – i.e. when they are going to utter the name of a drink at the outlets – that can be a restaurant, takeaway, corner shop or wherever. In reality, the brief talks quite elaborately. Let us cut the long story short. Very simple – while choosing a drink the consumers (target market as mentioned 18 to 20 - it is little narrow though), ask for specific brands – Coke, Pepsi, Fanta, 7UP etc. They can also ask for other generic drinks – coffee, tea, juice, water – we can tackle that broadly as well (pls see my campaign concept for details). We want them to ask for Tango instead. That’s it. Simple. Use this concept and it will work - The concept is - write 'Ask for Coke, Pepsi, Fanta, 7UP, Mirinda, Sprite' and then cut it with bold red line and put Tango logo with bottle pics. Same way write the names of different coffee if needed and cut it. Write the names of various kinds of water and then cut it. Please see the attached power-point presentation and also the concept series as image files. It is important to mention the tag line as – ‘that’s the way to go today’ because we want the consumers to know that it is the trend today i.e. we want a change to take place in the consumption habit. We want them to ask for Tango instead of all other choices that they have been making yesterday (i.e. previously). Also, the ‘go’ of the tagline syncs with the ‘Tango’ brand name. Now please take my concept to the graphic design people and add colours, patterns and design styles. Add photo of the target audience (although I think keeping it only text based might work well - test it.) I can provide further direction of the design layouts – I use Adobe software suites and I can contribute to the design layouts at a later stage. In a summary, use this strong concept and play around it. It will serve the creative and business purpose together. There is no point in launching fancy ads that miss the bulls eye. Let us make this point very clear. So, there we go. I am confident that my concept will increase the sales of Tango significantly. Circulate the concept in various media and also in the point of sales locations. Any further question / query – please be in touch

Hitting the bull's eye - TarekHitting the bull's eye - TarekHitting the bull's eye - TarekHitting the bull's eye - Tarek

DEADLINE: 20th Apr 2017

PRIZE: WINNER: £100 worth of Highstreet Vouchers. The best teams will be invited to the 101 agency's offices in London to pitch face-to-face to a panel of judges from Britvic, their agency 101 and The Ideas Foundation. The shortlisted applicants will be invited to join The Ladder, which is our progression scheme for young people who want to have or are considering a creative career.