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Project title: Live With Light

Creative genius: GraceW13, 13

My idea is an advertisement that could be displayed on television or YouTube. It can reach the whole nation so does not need to just serve my community. The idea behind the advertisement goes as follows: Whilst children are playing, perhaps on iPads, phones or computers, there is a power cut. The parent tries to turn on the light but nothing happens. The kids are miserable for a second, but then get an idea. They bring together blankets, pillows and chairs to build a den. They grab torches and sit in the den, laughing and playing together. Eventually the power turns back on but they do not notice as they are enjoying themselves in the den without needing electricity. The parent comes in and turns off the light even though the power has come back on because they see the children happily playing. The advert reads: Let your light come from within. This will show that you do not need to use lots of electricity to live joyfully and that we should be encouraged to interact more without the use of technology. This will also encourage people to save electricity and use less power because it shows that they didn't need the power even once it came back. This will appeal to lots of age ranges. Parents - because it encourages them to teach their children how to play without technology. Children - as they want to have fun like the children in the advert, and everyone in between, as it is heart-warming and fun. I chose the name "Live with light" because it has great meaning behind it. It tells you to live happily and with light in your life, but suggests that you do not need electricity to have fun and a great time. The tagline "Let your light come from within" also suggests this so encourages people to save power and enjoy themselves,

Live With LightLive With LightLive With LightLive With Light

DEADLINE: 18th Dec 2012

PRIZE: Please note the deadline for this brief has passed. Please still upload your work to the gallery as the brand will still be able to view your ideas.