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Project title: Adjustable Computer Desk

Creative genius: rackfinity017, 25

In this technological era, every company whether big or small, uses the computers and other hi-tech devices. It became a necessity to use them because nowadays everything is related to the network only. The work is much easier to do with the help of computers that’s why every company provides the systems to the staff. But along with that, the company must take care of the comfort of the staff. Working on the systems for a long time can be very tiring for the office members. There is a requirement of comfortable furniture. Many computer supply stores provide the latest hardware and furniture. This furniture not only gives the comfort to the staff but also will give a new look to the Office.

Adjustable Computer DeskAdjustable Computer DeskAdjustable Computer DeskAdjustable Computer Desk

DEADLINE: 26th Jun 2015

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