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Project title: Community Saver

Creative genius: Crazy Monkey, 14

Our original idea was to encourage communities to save together. So we thought of community saver where communities would work together to save energy and compete with neighbouring communities. We would base the boundaries of the different communities on political wards, around town halls and high streets. These communities then compete on local and national levels to win prizes for their communities. The whole idea is based on an energy saving device which would be given out free from e.on. This device would tell how much energy you are saving on and how much energy the whole community is saving. You would also see how you are doing compared to competing communities. The device would use gamification to make it look smart and attractive. This device could work possibly by connecting to the internet. Our research showed that if we gave out the free monitor away it would get people involved. This idea could then expand to cities for a national competition.

Community SaverCommunity SaverCommunity SaverCommunity Saver

DEADLINE: 18th Dec 2012

PRIZE: Please note the deadline for this brief has passed. Please still upload your work to the gallery as the brand will still be able to view your ideas.