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Project title: spin 'till it hertz!

Creative genius: aliens, 15

As a team we wanted something fresh, sharp and innovative, and since the most successful way of learning is through kinaesthetics, we decided to revolve around this idea of active learning. We wanted an idea that would jump out at people in the local community and would be a twist on mainstream promotion and decided that our idea must be relatable to everyone. And what is one thing that 90% of the population in the UK own? A mobile. We decided it would be a fascinating idea to come up with something that showed people how much energy and electricity it takes just to charge a small percentage of battery on your mobile phone. But we can’t just stick a poster up or make shirts that nobody will take a second glance at; we need something magical, charming and alluring. Thus, ‘The Wheel’ was conceived. The Wheel is a device that, once spun round by the operator, will produce enough energy to charge a small percentage of a mobile phone. The Wheel is an entertaining yet educational national campaign that could make people aware of the amount of energy they waste by charging their phone overnight; if done successfully, there would be a drastic energy decrease in the local community. This apparatus can be used by anyone of any age that has the ability to jog and will be designed to be totally safe and cushioned.

See Our Presentation Here!

A video introducing our idea Presentation

spin 'till it hertz!spin 'till it hertz!spin 'till it hertz!spin 'till it hertz!

Judge's Comments:

"Truly inspired, I love this project.  The idea is straight forward and visual, which for me was a huge plus.  Spin til it hertz should really get into the mindset of everyone, we’re all guilty at sometime of leaving our phones on charge overnight, now we can really see how much energy it  actually takes to recharge our phones in a fun and engaging way, I’ll never leave my phone on charge overnight again!"

"Out of all the presentations this is the one that stands out as being innovative and deliverable. The detail that has gone into the font and attempt to get the colours right is great. It was great to see how the project had evolved - Their idea started from something that wasn’t so creative (ie bike making smoothies) to something that people actually want – (to charge a phone). It’s visual and a good opportunity for PR.

This team have really thought about the audience – their idea has been developed with different sites/ events in mind. The campaign presentation was extremely clear and easy to understand – we liked the youtube footage and the way the graphics had been developed too.
Education around energy and reducing energy consumption  reflect brand values well. We also like the fact the campaign is providing something that can encourage fun and fitness – and something for free."

DEADLINE: 18th Dec 2012

PRIZE: Please note the deadline for this brief has passed. Please still upload your work to the gallery as the brand will still be able to view your ideas.