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Project title: Appsolute Metro

Creative genius: E-magination, 15

We all know adults to be boring, stressed and grouchy - but beneath that working exterior, embedded deep within their minds, there are starving brain cells that crave fun and enjoyment but are overshadowed by the inferior parts of the brain that only want to work. That's why I want to bring out the inner child-like qualities in adults that loves fun but without impairing the day-to-day lives of an average worker. My idea was to make the commute for workers a little more enjoyable by adding an element of fun and games to the Metro. I decided to encorporate both the popular Metro app and ever-successful Metro paper with fun games that they can use on their Smartphones, which most business men and women of today have! P.S. Don't judge my presentation by its cover!!

Appsolute MetroAppsolute MetroAppsolute MetroAppsolute Metro

DEADLINE: 21st Dec 2012

PRIZE: The deadline for this brief has now passed. Please upload your work to the website as the brand we still get to see your ideas.

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