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Project title: The Impact of the Internet

Creative genius: Lettuce and Bacon, 17

A PowerPoint presentation showing off the impacts of the internet portrayed using many varying and fairly original ideas. The PowerPoint includes research techniques that we used to help show why our ideas should be considered for the BT campaign, and how we came to them. Following the research, we then discussed our initial ideas and how we came to our final ones. This includes various images and descriptive information of how the idea will come into play. Towards the end of the presentation, we provide our three best ideas, which we would consider to be more attractive and captivating to our audience, providing the effect we want to impact on them.

The Impact of the InternetThe Impact of the InternetThe Impact of the InternetThe Impact of the Internet

DEADLINE: 29th Mar 2013

PRIZE: Please Note the deadline for this brief has passed. Please still upload your work to the gallery as the brand will still be able to view your ideas.