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I Am Creative is a fantastic opportunity to let young people interact, understand and relate to your company in a unique way. Through their response to your creative brief you can discover first-hand what young people are thinking and feeling, what they like, what they don't, and what is missing in their worlds. Fresh imaginative responses to your creative brief are not only insightful and inspiring but can enable you to better understand your audience and your own work.

You may even be so impressed with some of their work that you decide to commission it yourself. Nokia are already working with a team of young people from the pilot site to develop their idea for a phone app.

“Nokia is able to unlock the huge creative potential of young people, leveraging its existing service platforms, and approaching this programme in a truly commercial way.” Rupert Englander, Nokia UK

To find out more about submitting briefs to I Am Creative please call (020) 3597 2946 or email

For one brief to be on the site for one year costs £15,000. This includes the Ideas Foundation running 3 projects in schools across the country based on your brief.

Contact details:

Project Manager: Clare Ruffles

Address: Ideas Foundation, c/o Ogilvy & Mather, 10 Cabot Square, London E14 4QB

Email address:

Telephone: (020) 3597 2946