Teacher Resources

Category: Lesson Planning

A range of resources to help you plan lessons around your chosen I Am Creative brief, including curriculum matching documents and lesson plans.


99u: Insights on Making Ideas Happen

Amazing intellectual/philosophical blog that really gets to the bottom of creativity and how to be creative

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Make your app with this free website - No coding required! 

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Apps 4 Good

Apps 4 Good run an amazing & inspiring apps development course that has proved incredibly popular in schools. Get involved now! 

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Arts Hub

A nice online community providing job listings, news and information. Lots of what you need in one space. 

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Aviva Brief Resources

Here are Aviva's own top resources to help you answer their brief! 

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Blog: Creative Something

A blog written by an American creative about creativity in terms of inspiration, tips and just general insights. 

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Creativity & 10 Tips on Brainstorming

M & C Saatchi have put together this amazing resource on Creativity & their top 10 tips on brainstorming. Amazing! 


HTML Tutorial

A simple site that helps you learn simple HTML so that you can learn the basic skills you need to work developing websites and updating content. 

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Media Smart

Website for Primary schools with free educational resources about advertising, media, gaming and more. 

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Storytime Hangout

Penguin & BBH creatied this free Google + app that allows you to create amazing animations! Use to illustrate ideas etc! 

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The E.ON Energy Experience

The resources will help young people to understand about the different sources of energy we use and the benefits of each. This will give students all the information they need to answer E.ON Brief.

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Understanding Filmmaking - The Business

Creative Skillset proudly presents an interactive storyboard guide to how films get made, from the initial idea right through to making a profit.

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